We offer consulting to business units, to transform their technology system at various levels. From redefining the business model, to identifying new revenue streams, we leverage technology to help our clients avail cost-effective solutions.

Our Portfolio Comprises:

Network Transformation to flat IP converged model with virtualization features.

Consulting on Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions.

Enabling Network Function Virtualization (NFV) adoption for your network.


New revenue streams, business models, and sourcing strategy. For example:

Building service intelligence and ensuring migration with a differentiated user experience

Business interlock, network-IT synergies, and process re-alignment for your environment.

Network consolidation and shared services architecture modeling

Assist to optimize support and cost footprint for legacy solutions.


"Smart" Solutions.

Internet of Things (IOT) solutions for your business.

Smart City solutions design and implementation.

We provide software products for development, maintenance and support across the globe. Ensuring process compliance and use of appropriate systems & technology to provide the most accurate software solutions, is at the forefront of our service agenda.

Our Portfolio Comprises:

Programming: C, C++, BSD, Perl, PHP, Python, shell, HTML, XML, extJS

Operating System: Linux, Embedded Linux, Proprietary OS pSOS+, VxWorks and Solaris

Architecture: Power PC, m68k, MIPS, ARM and X-86 processor architectures

Board Support Package (BSP): Bootloader, Device Drivers, System Initialization packages, OS bring up, Toolchain, Filesystem

TCP/IP Stack, OSI Stack, Routing Protocols, DHCP, DNS, Proprietary protocols, Firewall, Proxy etc.,

Interfaces: PCI, PCI-x, USB, Serial

Building manufacturing tests suite and automated regression environments

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) programming

Application development for embedded platforms

We believe in the power of simplicity and discipline. With a strong background in wide varieties of network documentations, ranging from small enterprise networks to vast nationwide Telecom networks, we offer our customers, solutions to keep their network maintenance neat, clean and updated.

Our Portfolio Comprises:

Network audit for implementation of new technology and standards.

Provide the Design solution

Provide the Roll-out plan if needed

Assist in the Roll-out if needed


Document current network routinely for updates.

Provide rack face diagrams

Provide network topology diagrams

Provide IP addressing documentation

Provide synchronization scheme documentation

Let's Test Your Optical Backbone!

Optical fiber is literally the backbone of any telecommunication infrastructure. We, at Calculus Networks, provide our customers with value-added services, to test and certify the optical networks they have in place, anywhere in the country.

With our expertise in optical technologies and with access to the most sophisticated test and measurement tools in the industry, we execute this service at the best turnaround time, suiting the customer demands.


In today’s competitive environment, being up-to-date is the key to excel in any field. At Calculus Networks, we understand the need for our customers to be trained in the latest technologies and trends in the market today. So, we offer optimized training packages which can be customized to suit every client's specific needs.

Our training modules usually target to accomplish the following.

Updates and seminars on new technologies to customers.

Training on specific technology (legacy and cutting edge) as needed by customer.

Regularly scheduled training for new customer team members.

We provide following ‘Test and Measurement’ equipments for rental:

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

100G testers

1G/10G Ethernet testers

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Optical power meters

Optical Light sources